You came to the right place.

Gabriel Petrut loves guiding hobby beekeepers to combine the powers of nature and scientific knowledge and  confidently build a thriving, fulfilling activity that is sustainable for all life.

Hobby Beekeeper? 

You love to be in nature and want to do a highly rewarding activity for your mind, body and life that you can enjoy with your family.

You also want to:

  • connect with the Earth,
  • have an impact in your community,
  • educate yourself and other people to live a better, healthier life, in harmony with nature and humanity.

We offer training and mentoring for those who feel called for natural hobby beekeeping, from beginner to advanced level online courses (live and recorded). Gabriel Petrut, the instructor and mentor, will share from his knowledge and diverse experience so you don't become the "two-year-plan beekeepers" the nucs sellers talk about. Instead, you can set yourself up for long term success with a fulfilling and transformative activity.

Beekeeper To Be?

At BeeLiving Apiaries we stand for beekeeping as an activity that comes as a natural extension of who the hobby beekeepers are, aligned with their values and visions for the future. That is why, before you invest anything - time, energy, money - we recommend you do your research and get ready for a great start.

We have a special event in which Gabriel Petrut shares 7 Keys to Make Beekeeping the Right Hobby for You and Your Life Purpose. Once you internalize and apply these keys in your life, you will:

  • Know if beekeeping is the best choice for you, 
  • be equipped to make it a successful activity if you choose it, and
  • be unstoppable no matter what happens in society as your mind will be set to find solutions to anything that comes your way.

If Bee Products Attract You...

On our blog and in the courses and other live and recorded events we share about the importance of using the beehive products for our health:

  • to improve our immune system,
  • to help heal from various diseases,
  • to even gain longevity.

We invite you to spread the knowledge to your family, friends and community so they can also benefit from a healthier and longer life.

If You Are a Nature Lover Who Wants to Help Pollinators...

...and feel the need to help save the pollinators because you know they are important for our food supply:

  • You can plant pollinator friendly flowers in your garden.
  • You can get involved in educating people to change their ways to grow back a natural habitat for the pollinators.

Beekeeping is a nice idea but it can be too much work or not for you now.

Whatever is your circumstance and choice, you can contribute also by supporting local beekeepers by buying their products.

Contact Me For Beekeeping Advice

I am here to serve you. I always take time to read and answer personally as I really care.