Hobby Beekeeping the Smart Way and With the Right Support for the Busy Beginner!

Or how to manage your busy life and beekeeping hobby with the support of a passionate mentor who will guide you through a beekeeping year.

Watch  the video above to discover why I’ve decided to create a course for hobby beginner beekeepers, after decades of beekeeping and managing up to 65 hives at a time.

The Course Main Benefits

See below how you receive the support of a passionate beekeeper the whole year around.

The Course Modules & the 5 Recorded Sessions that Reflect Them


Get Familiar With Your Inner & Outer Landscape

  • Introduction: The 7 factors  that bring you success in beekeeping.

  • History: From ancient times until today, learn how people saw the bees and how they worked with them.

  • Legislation:  Before we embark on a new adventure, we need to see what the law says about it.


Your Amazing Honey Bees and How They Do It

  • The Biology of the Honey Bee: Learning about the bee's biology allows us to understand how the bees work and how we can influence them.

  • The Biology of the Colony: This part will let us understand how the colony works as an individual.

  • The Life of the Colony:  Here we learn about the instinctual mind of the colony and how the communication takes place inside it.

  • Colony Health Challenges: We need to take a look at what endangers the bees health - diseases and parasites.


Priority Setting & Application of Your Craft

  • Types of Hives: We take a look at the most popular types of bee hives to chose from.

  • Tools, Protection and Equipment: As any other craft, beekeeping has it's own set of tools, protection and optional equipment. Here you will also find a cost breakdown for your first year and the next.

  • How to Inspect a Colony:  A step by step instruction set to inspect a honey bee colony.


Get All Set Up for Bee Stewardship

  • Your First Beekeeping Season: Here you will learn everything you need to do in order once you got your nucleus hives to successfully prepare it for winter.

  • Beekeeper's Calendar: A month to month list of work to be done in the following beekeeping years.

  • Splitting and Merging Colonies:  We learn to split colonies for swarm prevention and merge them back to winter strong colonies.


Enjoying Your Investment (Bee Products)

  • Honey: The health benefits of honey and how to extract it.

  • Pollen: The health benefits of pollen and how to collect it.

  • Propolis:  The health benefits of propolis and how to collect it.

  • Beeswax: The health benefits of beeswax and how to collect it.

  • Royal Jelly: The health benefits of royal jelly and how to collect it.


Boost Immunity Mix Recipe

He helped me a lot and I don’t think I could do it without him

Marius Mocanu Hobby Beekeeper, Ontario

Since I was young I was interested in studying for natural ways of healing. It was many times buzzing in my mind to have some bees around but the opportunity for this came along after many years by meeting with Gabriel. He was very enthusiastic and helped me to get on track right away.

We did for a while together beekeeping and he gave me lots of hands-on and teachings about how to treat and take care about them. He helped me a lot and I don’t think I could do it without him.

The first year was a little bit hard but starting 2nd year it was fun and captivating.

Now I enjoy very much working with my bees without using any protection for hands, just for face. For me is like I am doing an active meditation working around with them on this nice buzz sound.

I gave all my thanks to Gabriel for all his teachings and help. Good bless him and all people that contribute to such nice and noble occupation.

About the Instructor

Gabriel is a third generation beekeeper and builds his own beekeeping equipment. He understands how we can adapt to various life circumstances and how to make beekeeping a fulfilling hobby.

Passionate about beekeeping, he's always looking up to the best in the field and educating himself continuously, like going to APIMONDIA in 2019 (Montreal, CA). He is currently working on multiple projects.

Member of: UTBA (Urban Toronto Beekeeping Association), Canada.

Gabriel PEtrut, inSTRUCTOR


If in 30 days from your purchase the course doesn't deliver what is necessary for you to be a confident beginner beekeeper, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

What You Get When You Sign Up For Only $200 CAD


On-Demand Materials With Life Time Access (over 12hrs)

You will get access to downloadable materials - the recordings of the 5 live sessions we had in March 2021 (over 12hrs).

You will be able to access them at your own pace, even if your internet connection is poor.

Video lessons

Audio lessons



Ongoing Support From Your Mentor

You will be able to contact your mentor by email anytime and receive answer in 24/48h.

The support and feedback for you is all year round!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

You can always study at your pace. Just be aware that the live sessions on Zoom run between March 9th and March 23rd and the course is in development until then.

After that date you have access to all the materials and you can study anytime. It is up to you when you want to finish. 

Our suggestion is to apply as soon as possible, as the beekeeping season is starting and the information is fresh in your memory.

Does the course have hands on practice?

The hands on practice is NOT included in the price. If you want the course instructor to be your mentor please contact Gabriel Petrut at gabriel@beelivingapiaries.ca to discuss about in person or online calls from your apiary. 

Or set up with the course instructor another way to get hands on experience. We always advice to collaborate with or help another beekeeper to apply the knowledge in case you don't have your own apiary yet.

Do I need ZOOM to see the course?

You only need ZOOM application if you want and can join the live sessions. 

If you just need the recording, then ZOOM application or experience with it is not necessary. For installation:

- on desktop computer watch here.

- on iPhone/Android watch here.