Discover 7 Keys...
to Make Beekeeping The Right Hobby
for You and Your Life Purpose

Revealed: the 7 keys that set your mindset on the right path for hobby beekeeping!

Watch the full replay video above to see what Gabriel learned and applied successfully in his hobby beekeeping practice and how he turned out to be unstoppable in making his passion come alive no matter the circumstances outside him... and how he continues to support beginner beekeepers! 



A third generation beekeeper, he started beekeeping in Romania in 1990 thanks to his father, an innovative beekeeper like himself. He has beekeeping on and off ever since, in Romania then in Canada. He builds his own beekeeping equipment, like the observation hive you see in some of his pictures. He is currently working on multiple projects, like online events and courses, and also new ways of beekeeping, that combine technology and best beekeeping practices for the honeybees and the ease of use of any kind of physical ability.

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